How A Dermatologist Can Help Clear Up Your Acne

Acne is a very frustrating disorder. It can, more than just damae a person’s skin, lower self-esteem and cause a person to lose confidence in him or her self. If you have been struggling with acne for a long time, and have not had any success clearing up your skin, you may want to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. A qualified, highly skilled dermatologist can help you to clear up your acne and allow you to have the clear, healthy, pimple-free skin you have always dreamed of. There is no reason to accept living with acne, it is a condition that can be overcome. This article is going to show you the different ways that a board certified dermatologist can help clear up your skin.

A dermatologist will be able to help you determine the cause of your acne. Before starting a treatment regimen, a dermatologist will examine you to ensure that you do not have any diseases or endocrine disorders that may be contributing to your acne. Once your doctor determines the root of your acne problems, he or she will be able to prescribe the appropriate acne fighting medications.

Oral or topical antibiotics are often the first treatments used to treat stubborn acne. Oral antibiotics, like tetracycline or doxycyline, are often times prescribed for moderate acne. These oral medications should be taken by mouth every day. Topical antibiotics, such as clindamycin and erythromycin, are available in gel, cream and lotion forms and are usually applied twice per day. Both oral and topical antibiotics help to clear up acne by inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the skin.

If you have severe treatment resistant acne, and antibiotics are not able to help you, your doctor may prescribe oral isotretinoin, sold as Accutane. Oral isotretinoin is the strongest, and most effective acne medication available. Because of the high number of side effects caused by the drug, and the fact that using the drug while pregnant will lead to birth defects, oral isotretinoin is used as a last resort to stop acne. Although oral isotretinoin does have some serious side effects, the results achieved by using the drug can be absolutely amazing. If you have severe acne that is scarring your skin and causing severe emotional distress, you may want to ask your dermatologist for an oral isotretinoin prescription.

Light therapy is a relatively recent treatment that doctors have been using to clear up acne. Light therapy is used to kill bacteria on the skin and is best suited for people with typical, moderate acne. It may be used in conjunction with other acne treatments.

A dermatologist can also perform a chemical peel on your skin. Chemical peels, which are available in a variety of strengths, peel off the top, outer-most layer of skin and, although they won’t stop new pimples from forming, can be very effective in reducing the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

As anyone who has acne knows, it is a very painful and frustrating disorder. If you have been struggling with acne yourself, and over-the-counter treatments have proven to be ineffective, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and see if he or she can help you get the clear skin you’ve always wanted. Good luck!

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Steps to Eliminate Acne

Acne can affect people of all lifestyles. Finding methods to reduce and eliminate it can seem challenging, however with the right information, tools and resources, managing it can become much easier. Try these easy tips to discover why and how you can treat acne at the source.

The first step in eliminating acne is finding out what is causing it. While there are ways you can research this on your own, the easiest way to get this information is to see a doctor. Whether a family practitioner or a dermatologist, getting assistance from a medical professional can provide you with valuable insight into what is causing it.

Your doctor may recommend a certain treatment, however to ensure you get the best information about available treatments you should research this topic on your own. Before you go in to see a doctor, look online at acne resource sites and forums to see what treatment options have worked for others, and print out information to take with you. This will give you a good starting point to discuss with your doctor, and can be very helpful in coming to a treatment conclusion.

One thing that you can do at home without seeing a doctor is keep your face thoroughly cleaned. One of the primary causes of acne is clogged pours. This is why it is essential that you wash your face daily. For some people, multiple face washings per day are necessary. Using specialized acne soaps can be very beneficial; however, they tend to cost more than standard soaps.

No matter what treatment option you decide to use, be sure to keep an open mind. You may find that one particular option does not work well for you. The important step is not to get frustrated. If one fails after a while, simply adjust your strategy and try another method.

To make it easier to manage your treatment option, schedule specific times for your treatment. Washing your face after intensive workouts is a great opportunity to reduce acne. If you use a medication treatment, setting timers on your phone can be helpful or setting reminders in places you visit such as the bathroom.

If you have tried many over the counter products and found that they do not work for you, schedule an appointment to see a dermatologist. With modern chemistry and medicine, you have a strong chance of successfully eliminating acne. While a family doctor may be able to help, a dermatologist specializes in skin conditions and can assist you the best.

Treating acne can be a nightmare for some people. Just try to keep your moral high. Celebrate the small victories. Even a small improvement is better than no improvement at all. As long as you actively work towards reducing your acne, you will have success.

At some point, everyone gets acne. Regardless of where you live and who you are, there are ways you can treat acne. Just keep in mind that you are not alone. By searching for treatment options, you are already taking a big step. Try these tips today to get a better improvement in your acne.

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5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Your Acne

You can clear up your complexion in only a few weeks thanks to these five easy tips. Read this article and start making changes to your lifestyle right away.

Watch your diet. Eating fast food, processed foods and drinking soda is not good for your complexion. Stay away from any unhealthy foods and add more fruits, vegetables and lean meat to your diet. Stop snacking and stay away from sweets too. Any food rich in fat, sugar or oil can cause breakouts. You should also think about starting a fitness program so you can sweat every day and eliminate the toxins in your skin. This is a good way to clear your complexion and to lose your extra weight!

Get rid of your bad habits, including coffee, soda, cigarettes and energy drinks. All these products are horrible for your body, especially your skin. Cigarettes dry your skin and cause an excessive production of oil to compensate. Toxins accumulate and clog your pores, which leads to more breakouts. Coffee, soda and energy drinks contain unhealthy amounts of caffeine, which is basically a toxin for your body.

Keep your face as clean as you can. Do not touch your face with your hands and style your hair so they do not touch your face. Wash your face, your hands, your hair, your towels and your pillowcase regularly so that oils and bacterias do not keep on spreading. Choose a soap with a neutral PH to wash your face at least twice a day, and make sure you dry your face thoroughly afterward. These new hygiene habits will quickly become part of your routine.

Do not pick or touch your acne. If you press on your skin to unclog your pores, you will cause lesions under your skin and the oil will spread and clog more pores. You will also spread bacterias with your hands. Instead, you should clean your pores twice a week by washing your face with hot water and exfoliating it with sugar or with a special product. Rub your face gently in small circles and focus on the areas where you have a lot of blackheads.

There are a lot of different treatments you can try in addition to changing your habits. Go to your dermatologist for advice, or try different over-the counter products yourself. Proactiv usually works well, but these products can make your skin very dry. If creams do not work well, look into taking pills or hormonal treatments to treat the cause of your breakouts. There are also a lot of natural remedies you should try, such as applying a honey or a baking powder mask to your face, rubbing your skin with lemons or orange peels or green tea leafs or eating foods rich in zinc and chromium.

These five tips should help you get rid of your acne within a few weeks if you make a conscious effort to make changes to your habits. Start making efforts right away and focus on one change at a time to make things easier.

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How To Eliminate Acne Scars From Your Face

It is more common to have to deal with acne than to not, and if you have scars left over from when you had the condition, you likely want to see them removed, or at the very least, lessen their appearance. If you are now ready to take action to remove the scars from your face, or other places on your body, continue reading this article to learn more about how.

One of the most popular treatments for acne scars are collagen treatments.  Essentially, this procedure involves injecting fat into the pitted spots to allow them to become even with the surrounding skin. The risks are quite minimal for this procedure, and the healing time is relatively short in comparison with some of the other options. The biggest downside is that you will most likely need to visit the office many times before the work is complete, especially if you had a severe case of acne previously. Some people do have severe reactions, so be sure that you talk with your doctor about the risks before you make the decision to try this procedure. Some factors make people more at risk than others.

If you have raised scars, then a chemical peel might be the right choice for you. A chemical peel can remove the top layers of your skin, which would include your scar tissue. This is only a good option if the scars are not too tall. If they are took high off of you skin you would have to go through far too many treatments over years for it to be a worthwhile option.

A long used technique to fix the effects of acne is dermabrasion. This technique involves removing scars by using a wire brush that rotates on the end of a handle. This technique has a moderate healing time, and is considered to be very effective. Another benefit is that it is actually quite affordable because it is widely available and easily done. If you are looking for a less invasive procedure that heals quickly you might want to consider micro-dermabrasion instead. This will allow you to get back to work almost immediately without anyone being able to know that you had gone to seek treatment for your acne scars. Another benefit is that it is even more affordable than the standard dermabrasion treatment.

Thanks to the advancement in laser technology, some clinics are now offering scar removal with the help of lasers. Laser treatments can take quite some time to heal, but they have the ability to focus on small areas, making it possible to only attack the scars themselves. This option is best for people who have very large scars, as the other options do not work well for those in that situation.

If acne has taken a toll on your self-esteem you certainly are not alone and you do not have to let it bother you any longer. There are numerous options to treat your acne safely. Now that you have read this article, all you need to do is decide which treatment is right for you.

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How To Remove Pimples

How To Remove PimplesIf you’re wondering how to remove pimples, the first and most important order of business is to limit dietary consumption of sugar. Simple sugars, including high fructose corn syrup, cause the body’s pH level to become more acidic, and acidic skin is the perfect environment for pimple causing bacteria to run from. But the bacteria does not want to leave the warm moist habitat that it has found, so instead, it will head for lower acid regions, like those inside the oily sebaceous glands in a person’s face. Limiting sugar will help the skin maintain a more neutral pH, keeping bacteria out of the pores.

One way how to remove pimples is when a pimple first rises on your skin, quickly treat it with ice. Cold temperature is a vasoconstrictor, meaning the blood vessels become narrow, depriving the surface of the skin from high levels of blood flow that assist swelling—the agent that makes a pimple raise.

How To Remove Pimples: The Wrong Way

In their quest to figure out how to remove pimples, many people pick the wrong path. While it may be gratifying to pop pimples, two problems arise when people chooses this quick, unfortunate method. First, pressure causes bacteria infected oils of the sebaceous gland to seep deeper into the skin, an event that will lead to future irritation and even worse breakouts. Second, as the puss leaks from the popped zit, oil and bacteria are spread on the surface of the skin and massaged into other nearby pores. This causes yet more pimples to rise as the bacteria is helped along in its conquest of the inner epidermal layers.

To complicate matters, popping zits is the leading cause of acne scarring. There are few things more unfortunate than trying to rid a face of pimples and instead causing long-term skin damage. When dealing with how to remove pimples, stay away from the quick fix, and promote healthy skin with positive dietary habits.

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