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Fast Acne Relief to Help You Get Clear Skin

acne reliefThe very mention of acne evokes a feeling of terror in the minds of young adults and teenagers, desperate for acne relief! Particularly girls spend hours in front of the mirror checking their faces for acne. Acne affects both sexes and to find fast acne relief become matter of great importance in the lives of the people suffering from this skin condition.

Before trying to find out fast acne relief one must understand the root cause of acne. Acne skin condition develops because of clogged skin pores. The oil producing glands produce excess oil and the skin pores get clogged. The toxins in our body are also responsible for the blocking of the pores. The blocked pores then become home for bacteria and it comes out as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads or bumps on the skin with pus in it.

If you see blackheads or whiteheads you should act quickly. If you do not pay attention to that then you may suffer from worse skin condition. If the pimples have pus in them you have to take antibiotic to treat that condition. Since many people suffer from acne, many companies have come up with fast acne relief medicines.

Always consider the side effects of acne relief:

Before you start on the fast acne relief medicines make sure to ask your doctors about the side effects of the medicine. Some of the medicines work on the acne but you may suffer lots of side effects of the medicine. It is beneficial to understand that fast acne relief medicines treat the symptoms of acne!

If you want to have a smooth beautiful and acne free skin you need to take care of your health. It helps to eat right. If you eat fresh fruits and vegetables you will consume right kind of food. Vitamin A and E supplements have proved to be beneficial in treating acne.

People have turned to herbal treatment for treating acne as they have natural ingredients and there are no side effects! Herbal treatment is good for your purse as well! It is much cheaper.

So before you go in for the over the counter medicines to treat your acne get more information about the root causes of the skin condition. If you know what to do and what changes to be made in the life style, you can remain acne free! Before surrendering to acne and then looking for fast acne relief, make sure that you eat right. In case of acne the old saying,’ prevention is better than cure’ hold true. If you do not want to suffer from the side effects of antibiotics try some herbal remedies. Though medical fraternity is always skeptical about home remedies, people do find fast relief from acne using herbal or home remedies. Aloe Vera has proved to be a very effective plant for treating acne.

Slowly people all over the world have accepted that herbal treatment really works and does not have side effects. To have fast acne relief choose a product that really works and understand the real cause of it and act accordingly!

By: Alexis Kelvingtons

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3 Things You Must Avoid if You Want Real Acne Relief

boyIf your experiences with acne have been anything like mine, every time it seems like you might win the battle against acne, new painful pimples pop up and ruin your complexion again.

I’ve spent years trying to combat acne, but it was always a losing battle until I came up with this simple three part process to get acne relief quickly!

There really are only three important aspects of skin care to focus on to achieve clear beautiful skin — and they are not magic secrets, just three sensible steps.

1 – Avoid Dehydration!

Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and it is the most important thing to put in your body, especially if you want clear skin! Drinking lots of water will help keep your skin beautiful and hydrated and it is the easiest and most helpful thing you can do to keep your skin clear.

Every process in your body needs water to function, especially your kidneys, which remove excess wastes from your body. If toxins are not flushed out, they can lead to embarrassing and unsightly acne.

2 – Avoid “One Size Fits All” Acne Prevention Plans

Every person’s skin is different, so every person’s acne prevention plan will be a little different too. Picking a product to help prevent acne can seem completely overwhelming when you are standing in the drugstore aisle confronted with hundreds of bottles, but it’s not so hard.

If you have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads, you need to clear out those pores. If you have large red swollen pimples, you need a product to kill the bacteria infecting your pores.

So look carefully at your skin to figure out what problems you have. Then read the product labels to make sure they’re a good fit. Now you’ve got a customized acne prevention plan!

*Important Tip!* Make sure that you don’t attack your skin with too many products. That will only irritate your skin further. Figure out what specific problems you have first, and then aim to treat them.

3 – Don’t Let Existing Pimples Go Untreated

Unfortunately, even the best of skin care regimens will still allow a few pesky pimples through. The important thing to remember when a pimple appears is that you can get rid of it quickly if you treat it properly! Here are a couple tips to show you how to remove pimples.

First assess whether or not you can drain it. If it is near the surface of the skin and can be drained easily, go ahead. But if it is deep under your skin, don’t drain! It will only tear your skin and irritate it, making it more prone to infection and further pimples.

After you have decided whether or not you can drain, wash and dry the area. Then treat with a cream that will help dry it out. There are many of these available, just follow the directions carefully.

A final option is to use a cream that will help heal what is left of the pimple to prevent scarring. Neosporin works well for this, but use it sparingly as it is thick and oily and may clog pores!

By: Michael Jans

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