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How To Remove Pimples

How To Remove PimplesIf you’re wondering how to remove pimples, the first and most important order of business is to limit dietary consumption of sugar. Simple sugars, including high fructose corn syrup, cause the body’s pH level to become more acidic, and acidic skin is the perfect environment for pimple causing bacteria to run from. But the bacteria does not want to leave the warm moist habitat that it has found, so instead, it will head for lower acid regions, like those inside the oily sebaceous glands in a person’s face. Limiting sugar will help the skin maintain a more neutral pH, keeping bacteria out of the pores.

One way how to remove pimples is when a pimple first rises on your skin, quickly treat it with ice. Cold temperature is a vasoconstrictor, meaning the blood vessels become narrow, depriving the surface of the skin from high levels of blood flow that assist swelling—the agent that makes a pimple raise.

How To Remove Pimples: The Wrong Way

In their quest to figure out how to remove pimples, many people pick the wrong path. While it may be gratifying to pop pimples, two problems arise when people chooses this quick, unfortunate method. First, pressure causes bacteria infected oils of the sebaceous gland to seep deeper into the skin, an event that will lead to future irritation and even worse breakouts. Second, as the puss leaks from the popped zit, oil and bacteria are spread on the surface of the skin and massaged into other nearby pores. This causes yet more pimples to rise as the bacteria is helped along in its conquest of the inner epidermal layers.

To complicate matters, popping zits is the leading cause of acne scarring. There are few things more unfortunate than trying to rid a face of pimples and instead causing long-term skin damage. When dealing with how to remove pimples, stay away from the quick fix, and promote healthy skin with positive dietary habits.

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