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5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Your Acne

You can clear up your complexion in only a few weeks thanks to these five easy tips. Read this article and start making changes to your lifestyle right away.

Watch your diet. Eating fast food, processed foods and drinking soda is not good for your complexion. Stay away from any unhealthy foods and add more fruits, vegetables and lean meat to your diet. Stop snacking and stay away from sweets too. Any food rich in fat, sugar or oil can cause breakouts. You should also think about starting a fitness program so you can sweat every day and eliminate the toxins in your skin. This is a good way to clear your complexion and to lose your extra weight!

Get rid of your bad habits, including coffee, soda, cigarettes and energy drinks. All these products are horrible for your body, especially your skin. Cigarettes dry your skin and cause an excessive production of oil to compensate. Toxins accumulate and clog your pores, which leads to more breakouts. Coffee, soda and energy drinks contain unhealthy amounts of caffeine, which is basically a toxin for your body.

Keep your face as clean as you can. Do not touch your face with your hands and style your hair so they do not touch your face. Wash your face, your hands, your hair, your towels and your pillowcase regularly so that oils and bacterias do not keep on spreading. Choose a soap with a neutral PH to wash your face at least twice a day, and make sure you dry your face thoroughly afterward. These new hygiene habits will quickly become part of your routine.

Do not pick or touch your acne. If you press on your skin to unclog your pores, you will cause lesions under your skin and the oil will spread and clog more pores. You will also spread bacterias with your hands. Instead, you should clean your pores twice a week by washing your face with hot water and exfoliating it with sugar or with a special product. Rub your face gently in small circles and focus on the areas where you have a lot of blackheads.

There are a lot of different treatments you can try in addition to changing your habits. Go to your dermatologist for advice, or try different over-the counter products yourself. Proactiv usually works well, but these products can make your skin very dry. If creams do not work well, look into taking pills or hormonal treatments to treat the cause of your breakouts. There are also a lot of natural remedies you should try, such as applying a honey or a baking powder mask to your face, rubbing your skin with lemons or orange peels or green tea leafs or eating foods rich in zinc and chromium.

These five tips should help you get rid of your acne within a few weeks if you make a conscious effort to make changes to your habits. Start making efforts right away and focus on one change at a time to make things easier.

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